Bringing Back the Blog

Just last summer I moved back to London from Cairo, things are going smoothly for my 3 boys and I (including semi-grown up husband) except that we miss bastirma! Ok I miss bastirma, for people who don't know it and eat it.

I would get on a plane right now just to eat fried eggs with bastirma and Egyptian baladi bread. But instead I'm reviving this blog which I started years ago when I was going through a mad baking phase in Cairo - I stopped baking when I realised I was eating ALL the cupcakes.

I could've started a new blog, but the name of this one is just so appropriate, because in Egypt when I was a child I found the scent of Jasmine in the evening so completely enchanting. And now that I'm away, yes I miss Egypt, and I'm seeing her through jasmine-tinted lenses. 


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